We are a BOuTIQUE branding STUDIO, dedicated to helping ambitious female entrepreneurs level up and feel empowered by creating elevated and thoughtful brands. 

And good vibes 

Franziska Contreras is a self made business owner, artist, and brand designer. 

Born in Germany and now living in San Diego, Franziska brings together her experiences of starting her own business in a foreign country with her love of art and design in order to empower the next generation of Female business owners. 

When she isn’t breathing life into new brands you can find her working on a new art piece, enjoying a good book, or planning her next getaway. As a client you can entrust that Franziska will treat your brand as her own, with passion and dedication.

Meet the founder

OUR goal with Valescaa Studio. is to combine our love of art and design with our passion for creating impactful brands. But more importantly our goal is to help people, like yourself, with the journey of creating a brand.  
We will cater to your brand’s needs ensuring that you can focus on what you’re passionate about. 

Let’s start your journey together.

Our Goal

Creating strategic and elevated brands for female founders